Life Insurance

Term Life Express® 10, 15, 20, 30

This product offers face amounts ranging between $25,000 – $300,000** and simplified underwriting that doesn’t require a lengthy health inquiry. Because the underwriting process is simple, approval is fast and you can receive your policy within a couple of weeks. If you want coverage quickly, Term Life Express may be the right choice. 

$25,000-$300,000 ages 18-50

$25,000-$250,000 ages 51-60

$25,000-$150,000 ages 61-70

Term life insurance can help solve many financial security problems when financial resources are limited. It offers: 

  • Basic financial protection
  • Up to $300,000 No Exam
  • Competitive premiums 
  • Conversion options

Indexed Universal Life Express®

(IUL Express) is an indexed universal life policy designed to provide you with:

• Permanent life insurance coverage that may last for your lifetime

• An accumulation value that has the potential to increase based on the performance of a market index 

• Flexibility for the future

• Simplified underwriting that doesn’t require a lengthy health inquiry